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Why Marvel's Inhumans Was Such A Flop

Published: 2 months ago


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Marvel's ABC TV series Inhumans has made its long-awaited debut, with a modified version of the first two episodes landing in IMAX theaters across the country. Unfortunately, the reaction from critics and fans has not been kind. The theatrical release currently has yet to earn a single positive review on Rotten Tomatoes, the box office take has been anemic, and fans have been left wondering how a project that spent such a long time in development is turning out to be Marvel's first massive flop. There are several factors that brought Inhumans to this point, so let's take a look at where this project went so wrong...

Red light, green light | 0:34
Terrible teasers | 1:36
Awkward press panel | 2:58
Imperiled production | 3:50
The IMAX experiment | 4:41
Critical miss | 5:23

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Looper 2 months ago

What would you fix or change when it comes to Marvel's Inhumans?


James Alvarado 9 hours ago

Marvel's cinematic universe is the only thing that's successful of theirs. The comics, tv series, video games, and animated movies all do bad. They only dominate in the cinema


Eric Sanchez 17 hours ago



James Edward Smith 1 day ago

Hey, we made a super hero show with bad actors, no special effects budget and shitty looking costumes... Guess what happened next. I had zero interest in this show from the initial trailers. The main guy playing Black Bolt looked terrible in every scene, like he only had one emotion he could ever portray. He looked like a Ken doll. Plus, every snippit of an action scene always looked boring and poorly directed whether it used digital effects or was just people.

This is one of those instances where pointing out "where it when wrong" becomes a pointless exercise because literally everything about it was terrible.


Randy S 1 day ago

am I the only person who liked it??


Rae Hanson 1 day ago

Apparently, I have very low standards, I actually kinda enjoyed this show.


Mr. Fat 2 days ago

2 reasons it failed:
1. None of the Writers/Producers/Directors probably never read a Marvel comic.
2. It was Disney-fied! 'Nuff Said!


Ernest Mccurdy 3 days ago

are any of you ppl commenting film markers, i liked the series for what it was, stop being so damn critical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sherman Herritt 3 days ago

I liked the part where Gorgon...the not female, not snake, Minotaur?.....wears black boots throughout 90% of the shots. ( He never went into public, so didn't need to "disguise" them either )
It's like they couldn't give a shit to budget a guy to edit the shots so you just couldn't see his feet at all. He also gave up on his "awkward waddle" as he moved after the second episode.

I guess they just expected people to not pay attention to the utter lack of hooves all of a sudden.

The Medusa one was even better. Used up the hair budget in the first episode for 2 scenes and so they ...make it so she never has to use her power again. CG budget solved.


PhotoTrekr 3 days ago

Seems like a low budget 80's tv show.


Tymund Johnson 3 days ago



Jaden Johnson 3 days ago

Ansel Mount would've been a great Bruce Wayne


Voices Behind Roles 3 days ago

Who the F*** made this shit..? I wasted 10 hour of my time thinking and expecting something interesting might happen but I was extremely disappointed. All beautiful ppl PLEASE dont do the mistake that I did if you've not yet watch this flopped show.


Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

To be fair, Medusa's visual effect wasn't all that bad. Animated hair will tend to feel unrealistic either way.


Rustygun 4 days ago

I like Maximus mofoker is scary lol so much pple with super powers looking like pssscies dwl


Rustygun 4 days ago

For real how this chick lose her hair??? shouldn't Madusa hair be indestructible...


Thomas Alvarenga 4 days ago

Let's hope that when the Fantastic Four finally comeback to Marvel they will have a much better time then they did with Fox.


Christopher Bennett 4 days ago

Okay, yeah... not a great start for the Inhumans. Granted, the first episode looked more like the aftermath of a mid-season finale with everyone talking about events that already transpired. Here's the deal.
1) One or two episodes before the Coup. If you want alien game of thrones, don't be half willing.
2) Let them use their powers. Maybe have the first episode be one where Black bolt executes someone with his voice.
3) Medusa... The dress had an imperial tone but it was so muted. If you're using a wig with CGI, get a drag queen to give it more body. In fact, if you really wanted to Shave Medusa, don't shave it fully off, maybe set her hair on fire (especially the shake-and-go wig) and have moments showing it as being more than just hair.
4) Black Bolt... I know he's restraining himself but he either looks like he's holding back a mouth full of vomit or the most arrogant man this side of the moon.
5) SOME REFERENCES to other Marvel Properties would be nice. Put Coulson or Fury in there if you have to. Just give us something!


Joe Lukowski 4 days ago

writing and production were sub standard.


Ron García 4 days ago

it was good

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