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Bloopers That Actually Cost The Filmmakers A Ton Of Money

Published: 2 months ago


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Movie bloopers are a lot of fun, plain and simple. Film fans love to watch actors flub. And considering the way they make themselves and their co-stars laugh when it happens, actors clearly love bloopers too. Filmmakers, on the other hand, may not love them quite as much. Every time an actor makes a mistake, it delays the shoot just a little, and time is money. And every so often, they're forced to deal with a truly world-class mess-up — a mistake that costs the production big money due to property damage and personal injury...

Seven | 0:26
Skyfall | 1:15
The Hateful Eight | 2:28
Justice League | 3:14
The Avengers | 4:07

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Looper 2 months ago

Did we leave any big bloopers out?


Justin Long 8 hours ago

spending money where it counts, i love this world.


xMourningStar 12 hours ago

I KNEW that Henry didn't look quite right in the beginning of JL. I thought it was a CGI face. Now I know why.


Just Jake 12 hours ago

Thankyou so much for the dbz clip


Loki 20 hours ago

Wanna know how to save "millions of dollars" ?
Two words - fake mustache.


Ryan O 1 day ago

vegeta, don't listen to these hoe's. even if its your daughter.


Keith R 1 day ago

"Its a bleeper! of a blooper!" thats a blooper.... Have no clue what you think a blooper is.


Andreas Tryggeseth 1 day ago

You could really tell they had digitally remodeled parts of Cavill's face in the Justice League movie


kojo pharrell 1 day ago

great piece as always


Damian Rochel 2 days ago

Wow he should shave it off and let the mi-6 director reanimate a moustache on him JUSTICE LEAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MI-6 by a lil tiny bit


Kermit Sudoku 2 days ago

Thanks for the Justice League spoiler u goof


Ed 2 days ago

For the Bond one I'm not sure it's worth the cost to try to make sense of a MacGuffin? Change the MacGuffin. Or don't even worry about it. It already doesn't make sense, if it makes less sense that is hardly a problem.


Dollarspodcast 2 days ago

thanks for comferming super man is in justise leage


Phil Anderson 3 days ago

These are mostly continuity errors, not "bloopers". On each set there is a script supervisor who is supposed to track such issues.


JediDojo 3 days ago

Mexican Superman


Samarth Bankeshwar 4 days ago

Dude you frickin' gave it away that superman's gonna b there. Nah just kidding, he is seen talking to Alfred in one of the trailers


Earl Harewood 4 days ago

LOL the james bond one though, imagine being in editing and spotting that and you're like.. "ssssssshhhhhhit....."


Tobias Hansen 7 days ago

i felt like digitally making bond a set of new hands, is even more lame than the fact that they fucked up the plot


666MrCactus 7 days ago

Seven was such a cool movie


Jolly Shifa 2 weeks ago

Loopers bloopers

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