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The Ending Of It Explained

Published: 2 months ago


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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The newest adaptation of Stephen King's It has introduced yet another generation of kids to their worst nightmares. The 1990 TV miniseries scared the jorts off every early millennial with a VCR and four hours to spare. But the 2017 version moves the setting to the late '80s, when milk cartons paraded pictures of missing children, and the New Kids on the Block were every teen's guiltiest Walkman pleasure. Through a wildly entertaining funhouse of fright, the Losers Club comes together to do what the adults can't and banish evil. But do they really put an end to their shared enemy? Let's take a look at what actually happens at the end of It...

The Losers Club is strong... | 0:37
They're not invincible | 1:36
Bev chooses herself… kind of | 2:42
Parental plight | 3:27
Henry Bowers is MIA | 4:13
What about the floating kids? | 4:55
It isn't over | 5:52

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Looper 2 months ago

Who would you cast as adult versions of the Loser's Club in the inevitable sequel to IT?


AP KING 7 hours ago

Am I the only one that felt like this movie was watching Scooby doo?!?!


Rick Hines 2 days ago

IT I think it boring .IT HaHa so scary said R sarcasticly


WorkForIt HD 2 days ago

One thing me and Billy have in common..... We both stutter XD


Cristine Gaming 2 2 days ago

Im scared of clowns


aakka p 4 days ago

Ending of what?


701468392523816070046289411368222507496286869371438642749038614J 4 days ago

In the end, stay the fuck away from Maine. Silent Hill be there too!


irena dubrovna 4 days ago

Didn't feel alive, because of the deadlights? .. It is how they have ruled since at least the days of the Roman Empire - by making people feel insignificant, "losers". ... Repeat : Honour, country, God.. now take this rifle and go hunt the savages for us... you will serve the one you fear, and so they attempt to make you afraid of disobeying them. But they are not, Love. "I'm going to eat your flesh" - seeing people as cattle, a resource, to be used.. physical labour, slaves, used to be the primary energy supply. But maybe, the primary energy supply has been fear? What will we do without slaves? Our way of life... vanishing..


Seymor butts The dab 6 days ago



Lydia Payne 7 days ago

in IT (2017) in a scene they say pennywise comes back every 27 years so the next IT movie might be in 2044 because when you add 2017 and 27, the answer is 2044


Max McCoy 7 days ago

I want to know why Bill killed Georgie at the end of the movie


Jack Francke 7 days ago

Spoiler alert


Ali Alromaihii 1 week ago

George is alive if you saw the movie he was floating in the sewers


Haikal Faizal 1 week ago

I like pennywise


Trevor Turner 1 week ago

The residence Georgie was not flooring because he was scared of penywhise and + he feeds on the flesh


Andrea Murrill 1 week ago

Just keep running just running


osman vural 1 week ago

this movie sucked just my opinion


Penguin Lover 1 week ago

I am a potato XD


tadra jaka 2 weeks ago

its a hot tub time machine


tadra jaka 2 weeks ago

higha georgie

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