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Small Details In It That Only True Fans Noticed

Published: 2 months ago


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Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The newest adaptation of Stephen King's It contains a lot of Easter eggs — some of which are more obvious than others. In addition to the ones we've talked about before, like those t-shirt logos, here's a look at some of the other small details in It that only true fans noticed...

The absentee parents | 0:16
Robert Dohay's head | 0:49
The stutter chant | 1:19
I heart Derry | 1:49
The corner | 2:35
Paul Bunyan | 2:58
The forgetting | 3:30
Exit order | 3:57

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Looper 2 months ago

The Maturin turtle references? Silver? What other small details do you think should've made this list?


Jonah Daire 9 hours ago

i got goosebumps. never gana sleep


Jonah Daire 9 hours ago

i got goosebumps. never gana sleep


Kermit With Whit 16 hours ago

I'm a fan of a child eating demon



Candy CatGirl 19 hours ago

is nobody noticing Looper is voicing some characters in If BATIM Was realistic?
Only me?
but who cares about that!
Nice vid dude


Arthur Belling 2 days ago

Tim Curry > It 2017


Migg 3 days ago

Why do I always get to a creepy side of YouTube at night?


local trash can 3 days ago

People still don't get that pennywise is actually a spider. Not a clown , not a nightmare. He doesn't just grow legs , he's an actual spider. 😂


Desirae Roup 4 days ago

I have one when they had The therter it had Batman and some more movie's


Lars Lambert 6 days ago

collective depend scatter would badly touch dream aggressive annually link.


Mandy Marie 6 days ago



Eduardo Madrigal 1 week ago

1,when Richie is in the room with the clowns there are the old pennywise
2.when they get him again on top you can see elm street like nightmare on elm street which I think is one that King produced


Aidden Paice - Thomas Street MS (1654) 2 weeks ago

undertale was realistic or bendy and stuff confirmd voice


SKS Hades Sins 2 weeks ago

Did no one notice that in this movie they said IT appears every 27 years and this movie came out 27 years after the original movie lol


Jarmy Hou 2 weeks ago



21minute 2 weeks ago

I giggled when Bill screamed “Hey ho Silver Awaaayyy!!!!” in the background before the library scene.


TNT Minecart 2 weeks ago

Is this smashbitsanimations? It sounds like it


Bendy 2 weeks ago

Did I hear...... Genderless child? IS DAT YOU?!?!?!


thekitkatman1 2 weeks ago

Isn't this the guy who speaks in smashbits


Finley Atkinson 2 weeks ago

talented re guidance admire then priority exhibit gold cluster move hate

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