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Macaulay Culkin Looks Totally Different These Days

Published: 2 months ago


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Everyone fell in love with Macaulay Culkin in the early '90s, when the adorable child star racked up a string of appearances in hit family films. More than 25 years after Home Alone hit theaters, the grown-up Culkin is pretty much MIA. What the heck has he been up to?

Retired, or whatever | 0:13
Sporadic work | 0:39
Pizza punk | 1:28
Dating Mila Kunis | 1:56
Missing Mila Kunis | 2:22
Teenage divorcé | 2:43
Down and out? | 3:12
Tale of two cities | 4:08
Clean-cut Culkin | 4:43

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Looper 2 months ago

Did we leave any facts out on the Home Alone star?


12gaugegavin 1 day ago

He is now the killer from the saw franchise all grown up and still making crazy traps to hurt people that Kevin they should have never left him home alone


DGP 6 days ago

wtf he didnt retire he is the protagonist in his new movie called changeland


Major Felipe Tangcalagan 3 weeks ago

i felt sad for this kid, i hope he'll get better soon, it is never too late


jwathas 3 weeks ago

He looks soooooo much better now. Thank god. He looked like he was about 65 a few years ago.


The0to1smell 1 month ago

Well take care..


Daniel Keerer 2 months ago

He looks weird


CMDR HIGH WARLORD 2 months ago

Doesn't everyone look different from when they were a kid?


Luqmanul Hakim 2 months ago

Dont do drugs kids


Jennifer Isaacs 2 months ago

Don't most people look different from kid to elderly aged?
I thought so.


Dominic Abbs 2 months ago

leave Macaulay Culkin alone


Caffeinated Nation 2 months ago

How the HECK did he manage to land Kunis for awhile!?? O_o


Silver Fang 2 months ago

He looks like a thin version of The Amazing Atheist


R.N V.H 2 months ago

We been knew.


ƬΉΣ ᄃЯΛᄃKΣЯ 2 months ago

People say i look like him as a kid , im scared.


Levin Otto 2 months ago

Credit firmly tap szephq trace commitment golf reject performer twelve.


curtis lawson 2 months ago

All of that michael Jackson cum went to his brain


Raul Moreno 2 months ago

I don´t like your voice.


Sigrid Helland 2 months ago

Scientist starting switch gravity investigation turn portrait strike.


Ron Anderson 2 months ago

GTFO. You almost had me. That's Kid Rock.

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